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Phoenix is a mythical bird which tells us about overcoming darkness and rising to the challenge to become powerful and succeed.


Our mission is to recognize the importance of failure and inculcating the entrepreneurial spirits, innovative ideas and new businesses in the society.

This tunes us resilient, independent and encourages us to take risks, accept failures and embrace success.


We understand that failure is an integral part of innovation for many but it is tough to accept this in reality. It is the failure only which make us open the gateways to success and hence defining conclusions. Customarily, Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth which we correlate in entrepreneurship as the individual can derive to innovative ideas by rising from the ashes of failures and climbing the stairs of success.

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Taking Entrepreneurship with Biology (Zoology and Botany) stream

Many unemployed students who graduated and post graduate in zoology or botany refer to get employed in the same field they use to think that they spend most of their in studying them so they should proceed further in same field only. There are some important examples through which they can get employment are giving below:-

In zoologys

We can get employment by the culture of economically important animals. Eg.

1. Fowl culture/ Poultry –Breeding fowl for their eggs and flesh.

2. Proper farm management-In farm rearing of animals such as goats, cows, horse, buffalos etc for milk and other products.

3. Rearing of silkworm- For establishing textile industry.

4. Beekeeping- For honey and wax.

5. Aqua culture- In it rearing of aquas animals such as fishes, prawns, phyla etc. for their more commercial value in present time.

In botany

Some important points for entrepreneurship in botany are given below:- Eg.

1. Establish Plants Nursery- If we have taxonomic knowledge of botany then we can grow economically and medically important plants and sell them.

2. Proper management of organic waste- The husk of wheat or wood instead of throwing away can be used to grow fungi (mushroom) and these mushroom are good source of protein and these have more commercial value.

3. By the introduction of Exotic plants- If we want to establish an entrepreneurial company for plants culture so that we introduce the Exotic species of plants from other countries and the species may be ornamental or economical important

4. By the sowing and producing hybrid crops- by the help of biotechnology we can improve the production of crops.

Taking Entrepreneurship With Science (Physics, Chemistry And Maths) Stream

Many Graduates choose to start their business and the program certainly does prepare them to do just that. This Minor is a collaboration of the faculty of science and Desautels faculty of management and is designed to provide science (B.Sc) students with an understanding of how to develop his own career in companies, social enterprises and cooperative as well as entrepreneurship initiatives. If any student of science stream wants to be an entrepreneur them he can start his own private business by his skills. After getting a license from the government he can start his company in making weapon, medicines, chemicals etc.

Entrepreneurship is a small business but it is not necessary that it will be small. In present India, entrepreneurship is a modern idea for the students. Nowadays students want to be self-employed instead of doing a job. If a job is not enough then entrepreneurship is the best way to get profit in the business. Jeff Bezos is a great example of entrepreneur Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, Ambani etc are also perfect examples.

Coca-Cola sold only 25 Bottles in its first year but now it is named in the biggest companies in the world. Some biggest companies are Amazon, Flipkart, Tata, Ford etc..

So by entrepreneurship students can make their career bright, delightful and respectful. Therefore science stream with entrepreneurship course is very useful for students.

Taking Entrepreneurship With Biology Stream

We Meerut College, Meerut are taking an initiative to establish E Cell in our college which was introduced by IIT Bombay. E Cell provides students the opportunity to refine their entrepreneurship skills to become the exceptional entrepreneur. Here, we are jumping in the field of biology to create opportunities in the field of biology. Many unemployed students who Graduate & Postgraduate in biology prefers to get employed in the same field. First, let me give you a short introduction to entrepreneurship &biology. Entrepreneurship is the act of setting up a business or a new idea into business opportunities &biology is the field of science that deals with living organisms including their physical structures, chemical process, molecular interactions, development etc.


Biotechnologists have been helping to improve the quality of life& health in the world for years. A lot of innovative food products, drugs have come out. Some ideas under biotechnology are regenerative medicines, food production etc. Some more examples which are related to electronics are bioelectronics and biocomputer.



Fostering green means to set up a plantation house. Let’s turn up it in a business opportunity. Industrial plantation are actively used for commercial production of forest products .Plants used for plantation are often genetically altered for desired traits.


Rendering plants after a quality check or some exotic species of plant for home décor. A biology student can do that unequivocally. And it is economically beneficial.


The husk of wheat or wood instead of throwing away can be used to grow fungi (mushroom) and these have more commercial value.

Above all I stated are a few examples of many opportunities that we are not even aware of. Ideas could be new, innovation and creativity is divergent but the opportunity is one and that E- Cell is imparting to each one of us.


  1. You’ll get the opportunity to be a prepotent that to in your own field. The subject you’ve been studying for some years will give you the opportunity to ascend the destination and dreams
  2. Your passion and creativity will be doubled with that sovereignty. And those unconventional ideas with a dash of insanity will be the talk of the town. If you have certain aspirations, sometimes the only way to reach them is to be an entrepreneur and E -Cell provides one such opportunity to follow up your goals.

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